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About SIS | Sustain Inspire Survive

About SIS

Our Story

Sustain Inspire Survive (SIS), a 501-C3 organization, was founded in 2005 to meet the often overlooked financial needs of patients while going through treatment of breast cancer. A breast cancer diagnosis does not stop the world around us and every day financial commitments can become overwhelming. SIS provides financial grants during treatment when patients need it most. The money raised from events is given directly to the local patient battling breast cancer.

Our Mission

SIS is committed to improving the quality of life for those patients in treatment who are battling breast cancer. We do this by providing financial assistance, essential services, and quality of life enhancements during treatment to those in need. This grant money was used by recipients to help pay for a multitude of necessities such as medical bills, prescriptions, food, rent, gas and electric, and other medical supplies and procedures.

Breast cancer knows no age, no race or social status. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer.

SIS is 100% volunteer driven and all funds raised directly impact those in need. Since 2005, SIS has awarded over 1,100 patients financial grants totaling over $700,000! 

Our Pledge

A breast cancer diagnosis brings with it fear, anxiety, uncertainty and often increased financial strain. Medical expenses combined with reduced income can intensify stress and deplete energy in patients trying to fight for their lives. To meet household needs, unfortunate decisions must often be made between paying for medication or food, co-payments or car payments. Our pledge is to help these patients survive both emotionally and financially. Sometimes just knowing that there is an end in sight, and a little help getting there, is all a patient needs to forge ahead, fight the battle, and win.

Our Thanks

On behalf of the patients we have provided assistance to-Thank you for making a different in our community

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