One person who inspired me most, brought me the gift I was searching for–hope.

- Inspired by Ann (2009 Calendar)

Be a willow in the wind and it will set you free.

- Inspired by Camille (2008 Calendar)

Let the winds of change flow through you .

- Inspired by Martha (2008 Calendar)

You can’t always choose your experiences in life, but you can always create your own song.

- Lynell (2008 Calendar)

My sister. My friend. My shadow who never leaves me.

- Inspired by sisters, Bonnie & Debra (2008 Calendar)

Creation is the nectar to my soul. My garden comes to life in velvet wings.

- Inspired by Laurie (2008 Calendar)

As you take in the beauty of each setting day, be open to the colors within.

- Inspired by Marie (2008 Calendar)

Reflect on your potential and hold on for all it’s worth.

- Inspired by Angelique (2008 Calendar)

Our Mission

Sustain Inspire Survive (SIS) is committed to improving the quality of life of patients facing a breast cancer diagnosis.

Who We've Helped

Dear People of SIS,

Thank you so much! This has probably been the most devastating thing I’ve ever been through yet in life and you just made it a little bit easier. Your check is Greatly appreciated!

~M, Age 47~